Smoke Screen (version 1)


still, digital film 2'47" 2011; soundtrack: excerpt, Etude No. 5 by Philip Glass; video
and technical assistance by Julia Holden; title by Carole Driver
[The film documents a symbolic burning of 100 sticks of rosewood-scented incense. The sticks were lit, one at a time, with the “compounding plumes of smoke melding, dissipating and re-blending in infinite contours.” JH Smoke Screen was a Finalist in Letters to the Sky, a 2011 film festival coinciding with COP 17, the 17th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Durban. Note: this film is no longer available for viewing due to the permission expiry of its soundtrack.]





White Light 8’3’’


digital film 8'3" 2012

[Made from a digital still photograph of actual sunlight, White Light 8'3" corresponds to the eight minutes and three seconds it takes light from the Sun to reach the Earth. The film has an appearance throughout of absolute whiteness.] 





Unified Field no. 5


digital film 31" 2012
[Corresponding to a precise tint in the visible spectrum of white light, Unified Field no.5 relates to the expanse and sublime colour of a clear blue sky. A “unified field” usually refers to the unity of musical space created by orchestrating melody and harmony. Although this 30 second video is silent, a soundtrack, if desired, may be imagined. The fifth ‘blue’ chakra, relating to “no.5” in the title, plays a role in the art of lucid dreaming. Unified Field no.5 originated with a single photograph of the sky taken at noon on 29 September 2012 from the heights of Marmion Street in East Fremantle, Western Australia.]