I entertain visibility and invisibility via materials and ideas. Although I make art objects, it is the immaterial sourcing and even a kind of sorcery that are the attraction. Especially in the past ten years, idea generation and awareness of thought processes have become paramount rather than relentless production. Combining an economy of means with an extravagance of editing seems to create semblances of unexpected simplicity. Ever and always, the work is reductive.


“Since the various materials in the Universe are only varying coefficients of vibration, we build in this way not only intensities of a spiritual kind, but, who knows? New bodies, metals, nebulae and stars.” [1]


Part of the designing / curating / planning process for each of my architecturally site-specific solo exhibitions means not only experimenting with geometric forms and their surfaces, but confirming that light reveals the dimensions of space, (usually) in silence and with grace.


Absolute resonance seems highly unlikely yet the personal attemptation carries its own entrancement.


11 May 2019



[1] R.M.R. Letter to Witold von Hulewicz, 13.11.1925, R.F.C. Hull, trans. Selected Letters, 1902-1926, Rainer Maria Rilke (London: Quartet Books Limited, 1988) 394.