intro: thin air




24 May 2020

Bunbury, Western Australia

Thin Air, my new design company, materialised! Probably its first breath happened the moment I noticed the possibilities of Das T-Shirt Automat – a super-mod ‘take-away’ print shop – in Prahran, a much-frequented inner-city locus when I lived in Melbourne. Fast forward >> happily, Sue Croke at Das accepted a suite from my portfolio this month, translating / co-creating it into sustainably produced wearable / portable art.


There’s quite an interval from Mirthwerks (Vancouver, Canada), my first company. Between 2006-2008 as co-founder and principal designer, I generated advertising / marketing concepts along with seasonal collections of graphic designs, printed on paper greeting cards in short runs by Infigo Imaging, which retailed at Chapters / Indigo and the Vancouver Art Gallery’s store.

Since 2009, my focus been on presenting reductive, dimensionally real objects as outdoor interventions along with exhibitions in galleries. My art practice continues while Thin Air promises to be a phase identified by its association with Das T-Shirt Automat and its collections of lucid, relevant designs.