intervention statement: laredo 009



“there were
days of fire diversely separated   marking lighting the duration shadow 

a tree presided over the equilibrium of riches   its leaves advanced

on invisible distances of time   from green to brown a

veiled rhythm seizable solely by the blood by a diffuse vision by

something like the ubiquity of senses


the journey was still long of the sky in the sky   where nomad

winds pitched tents light then dark   and longer   slower

was the slope of marked days


as if life sliding by had wanted to hold itself back   add its signature

to the natural alternation   to crease the downy cheek of childhood to reassure

to light up” [1]


[1] Jacques Roubaud, E (excerpt, final lines 1.1.17 o [GO 129]), 1995, translated by Katheryn McDonald



Gratitude to Paul MacGillivary for listening so patiently to my strategy along with the results of various wind/ light/ shadow preliminary tests. Many thanks to the unknown dear who abandoned a red hula hoop so I could have it to remember the obsession with mine when I was 8, channelling entrancement while imagining sunlit palm trees.



laredo 009
'Garden Island' verge / Bunbury, Western Australia

14 October 2023