intervention statement: laredo 008





laredo 008 recalls the motion of sinuosity as a ’dotted’ line on an undulating footpath, near the crest of Irwin Reserve, which lies above the Aqwest water purification plant. [1]

Sinuosity is not usually associated with such an industrial site, but it is the very trickling of water, seeking its own pattern, often ‘the path of least resistance,’ that immediately says, ah yes, that word is aligned. In addition, this type of line, called a serpentiform, is found worldwide in “7% of cave and rock sites (aged) between 13000 and 30000 years ago” [2] and describes a union of opposite semi-circles.


Accentuating this curvaceous quality are the 70 metal cylinders: former screwcaps from a Sicilian rosé wine, “Tua” (Italian for ‘yours’). Their aqua colour matches some of the external cylindrical pipes at the adjacent Aqwest site.


Every one of these circular realms of space connect, interface, and define this momentary intervention.

[1] Irwin Water treatment plant is one of 7 near Bunbury, Western Australia, designed to treat water from the Yarragadee Aquifer by removing iron and manganese to produce safe and high quality water for the community.



Gratitude to Paul MacGillivary for his enthusiasm and also observations on light + shadow plays.

laredo 008
Irwin Reserve / Bunbury, Western Australia

25 August 2023