intervention statement: laredo 007




The first laredo intervention happened 4 years ago in an unused room inside an apartment: a quartet of found, geometric objects were assembled, each balanced by its own weight. For laredo 007, the residential setting took place outside a villa on its clay-bricked patio and this time it was a superficial, yet engaging, performance on a surface.


The site’s attraction came about quite unexpectedly by perceiving the dimensions of the floorplan, the patio, along with the brick pavers, had +/- the same ratio as the golden rectangle. A classic case of apophenia: "the human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns within random data.” [1]


During the act of drawing a diagonal line across this rectangle, a conscious realisation also occurred: it could be an ultra-diminutive section of a much larger curving line… perhaps echoing the current moon phase: a waning crescent sliver.

The line, made with the softest and purest white pastel, was paused throughout, not only negotiating the roughly textured bricks and mortar but also respecting the integrated moss and tiny clover plants. The slowness of the experiential engagement created a momentary fuse between "the totality of...inner space"[2] and the tangibles of the external world/ outer space.



[1] Patina Lee, The Importance of Golden Ratio in Contemporary Architecture

[2] Robert Lawlor, Sacred Geometry, Philosophy & Practice [London: Thames & Hudson, 2012] 44-45.



Gratitude - once again - to Paul MacGillivary for his encouragement and Tom Rigby for my inheritance of his chalk line reel.


laredo 007
patio / Bunbury, Western Australia

15 June 2023