exhibition statement: The Golden Eternity






“ ...re-recognize the bliss you forgot, the emptiness and essence and ecstasy of ever having been and ever to be the golden eternity.”


The Golden Eternity is an experiential intervention, originating from verses 14-18 of The Scripture of the Golden Eternity, a sutra by American literary iconoclast, Jack Kerouac.


Essence of The Eternal Matter of The Mind, an ultra minimal sculpture, emanates a fragrance redolent of sandalwood, clove and cardamom. In alchemical terms, the black of its convex form signifies individuation.


The companion suite, The Golden Eternity, is a sequence of cubes and oblongs having intentional surface variations. It spans one wall, installed at approximately adult navel height. Associating with this esoteric placement, the suite’s golden yellow colour also alludes to enlightenment.


Glimmers and thoughts about precious, infinite time infiltrated the reductive simplicity of the two works during their construction, rendering them into hybrids beyond the materiality of their light and space.







Factory 49 (Office Project Space), Sydney

3-27 November 2010