exhibition statement: H






The conception of light began in stars. Originating the code of light were hydrogen, helium and lithium; it was this array, with various reaction sequences, that made new elements of life possible in the early universe and created the Milky Way galaxy.


H honours Hydrogen as an element, re-interpreting its chemical symbol in a three-dimensional form with sublime minimalism.


‘softwall,’ an architectural product by molo design, graciously supplied by Schiavello, is arranged to make a translucent walk-in sculpture. H references Bergman’s C, shown in 2009 at ParisCONCRET, with its chemical symbolism, scale and use of softwall as the medium. The shape, however, alludes to Delineator (1974-1975), a steel work by Richard Serra. Similarly, H is a phenomenological sculpture: it gives the viewer an experience of the construction material and its sensory properties.




molo designed softwalls supplied by Schiavello, Sydney; gratitude to Jason Parry, Pam Aitken and Paul MacGillivary 



Factory 49 (Showroom), Sydney

18 – 28 May 2011