Lives and works in Bunbury, Australia

Canadian + Australian citizenship




2021             Perfect Lie Factory 49, Paris

2019             White Light 8'3" Watch This Space / The Pantry, Alice Springs
2018             A Slow Waltz Sawtooth ARI / Middle Gallery, Launceston

2018             Une Valse Lente Abstract Project, Paris

2018             Perlustrata no. 1 Blindside, Melbourne

2016             Aqua Vovo Factory 49 Paris Pop Up, Paris

2015             Neo Violet Five Walls, Melbourne

2012             The Rosy Crucifixion ParisCONCRET, Paris

2011             Quadrant Bearing (show 71) Sydney Non Objective (SNO), Sydney

2011             H Factory 49, Sydney

2010             The Golden Eternity Factory 49, Sydney

2009             C ParisCONCRET, Paris

2002             daydreaming, Beowulf Galleries, Sydney

1992             Mirari, Victoria

1990             Grace Gallery, Vancouver

1989             Fran Willis North Park Gallery, Victoria

1988             Grace Gallery, Vancouver



2003             New Works, Tin Sheds, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney, Sydney
                    (with Malcolm Harding)

1993             Absence Leaves, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond (with Stephen Jenkinson)
1987             Grace Gallery, Vancouver (with John Pickering)

1986             Grace Gallery, Vancouver (with John Pickering)


2020             Art Matters 2 (Honourable Mention) IG, Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne
2019             Committee Members Past/Current 2006-2019 Show, Factory 49, Sydney

2018             Support Eighteen, Five Walls, Melbourne

2018             Abstraction Twenty Eighteen, Langford 120, Melbourne
2017             Supermarket International Art Fair/Factory 49, Svarta Huset, Stockholm
2016             CAPO Auction / Masked Soirée, Canberra Museum & Gallery, Canberra

2015             Le Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris

2015             AT_Salon2 Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne

2015             Annual Group Show, Factory 49, Sydney
2014             Exhibition (show 110) SNO, Sydney

2014             Le Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris

2013             Poste Concret2, ParisCONCRET, Paris

2013             Annual Group Show, Factory 49, Sydney

2012             Annual Group Show, Factory 49, Sydney

2012             Turn On, Tune In! Factory-Art, Berlin

2012             Group Print Show, Factory 49, Sydney

2011             Poste Concret, ParisCONCRET, Paris

2011             Night Visions IV, Coconino Center, Flagstaff

2011             Galerie bij de Boeken DRU, Ulft Netherlands
2011             Smoke Screen, Letters from the Sky (film festival/COP17), Durban
2010             Structural Space, Factory 49, Sydney

2010             Adaptive Actions, Madrid Abierto, Madrid

2009             Exhibition (show 57), SNO, Sydney

2009             cut.paste, ANCA Gallery, Canberra

2007             Community Art Grid, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver

2007             Zeitlupe – Câmera lenta/3, Centro Cultural Blanco do Nordeste, Sousa

2007             Zeitlupe – Câmera lenta/2, Galeria Antonio Bandiera, Fortaleza

2005             Zeitlupe – Câmera lenta/1, Stadtbibliothek, Nürnberg

2005             Ideas About Infinity, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver

2004             Art to Carry, Aion Art Gallery, Vancouver

2001             Buddha and The Lotus, Beowulf Galleries, Sydney

2000             9th International Biennial Print & Drawing Exhibition

                    Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
1993             Benefit for the Olga Havel Foundation, Galerie Pallas, Prague
1991-1992     John Ramsay Contemporary Art, Vancouver
1985-1995     Grace Gallery, Vancouver
1984-1990     Fran Willis North Park Gallery, Victoria 
1988              Dakotas 100, Mind's Eye Gallery/U. South Dakota, Dickenson + Vermillion


2021             laredo 003, Bunbury
2021             laredo 002, Bunbury

2019             laredo 001, Melbourne
2015             Nitrogen 21 (21 locations), Canberra


1992+1986    Emma Lake Artists' Workshop, University of Saskatchewan,
                     Kenderdine Campus, Emma Lake


Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa; Bronfman, Montreal; Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, Vancouver; Ponte Cultura, Nürnberg; Luciano Benetton, Treviso



2011             Finalist (Smoke Screen), Letters From The Sky

                    experimental film festival re: United Nations COP17, Durban

2006             Finalist, Design A Door

                    competition hosted by Westbank + Peterson Group, Mcfarlane Green
                    Architecture + Design for Woodward’s Redevelopment Group, Vancouver


2018 Une Valse Lente, Exhibition Catalogue, Abstract Project, Paris

2010 Adaptive Actions Camp-Madrid Project in collaboration with Madrid Abierto Biennial

2010 Lateral Learning, curated by Paul Butler; Vantage Art Projects, Vancouver


2018 Orbiting the Field, Lisa Sharp, Instantloveland
2015 Review by Dallas Jeffs, Artist Run Websites

2010 Interview with Sand T. Kalloch, artSPACE



2009             (audience participant/press) d documenta, a conference towards                                  documenta 13, Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, Torino
2001             (paper given) Constellations of Inner Space, Seeking the Centre conference,                        Faculty of Religion, University of Sydney, Sydney


2021             edX/Cambridge (Reconceiving Space: Installation + Performance Art)

2018             edX/Harvard (The Architectural Imagination)
2011             U3A, Canberra (Colour Consciousness)
2006             Simon Fraser University, Vancouver (Illustrator)

2005             UBC, Vancouver (Drafting for Design)

2000             Workshop Arts Centre, Sydney (Sculptural Drawing I and II)

1998             Wrought Artworks, Sydney (Blacksmithing)

1998             National Art School, Sydney (Experimental Sculpture)

1995             Melbourne Print Workshop, Melbourne (Etching)

1995             RMIT, Melbourne (Cast Metal Sculpture)

1994             Swinbourne University, Melbourne (Welding)

1991             Emily Carr School of Art, Vancouver (Art History)
1983             Camosun College, Victoria (Printmaking)

1981-1982     Alberta College of Art, Calgary (Drawing + Painting)

1979-1980     Victoria College of Art, Victoria (2 semesters)



Professional Jeweller, Mappins; Professional Training Program, Clarins;
Fledgling Entrepreneur, Maker+Co; Master of Herbology, Emerson College;
TESL, Century College


2020             director/designer: Thin Air (designs printed on-demand via DTA)
2017             art reviewer: Rochford Street Review (Christopher Gulick/Factory 49, Sydney)
2017-2020     associate: Art Research Center (ARC) Kansas City

2016-2019     member: Advisory Board (International Relations), Factory 49, Sydney

2015-2016     studio member: Australian National Capital Artists, Canberra

2009-2011     studio member: Australian National Capital Artists, Canberra
2008-2009     art reviewer: artUS (LA)
2008-ongoing profile: Saatchi Art
2007-ongoing member: LinkedIn
2007-ongoing Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art (NY)

2006-2008     graphic designer: greeting card collections

                     Vancouver Art Gallery shop; Chapters Indigo

2000-ongoing member: National Association of Visual Artists, Australia

1980              director: Xchanges Studios and Gallery (artist-run centre), Victoria CA