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Close-up of (found) hula hoop, synthetic material 77cm diameter, 1.2cm wide, with 8 intervals of 2.5cm white Primatape, placement on Honey Myrtle tree, laredo 009, verge hill / Bunbury Western Australia 2023


Every now and then, I’ll pick up an object abandoned on the street. Two years ago, outside the fence at St Patrick’s Cathedral, a red hula hoop attracted me by its dimensions, dimmed colour and scratched surface. And so this 3D circle continued its history - being swirled around my hips (just like when I was 8 years old) but mostly leaning against a wall in my studio - until I reckoned the time had come for it to be self-balanced horizontally, between the branches of two trees, as laredo 009.

The nearby ‘garden island’ has charmed me for 4 years, mainly because I’ve become acquainted with most of the 47-year-old large shrubs / small trees. Two adjacent ones, selected for this intervention, are a study in contrasts: medicinal / native ‘Honey Myrtle’ [or Mindiyet in the Noongar language of SW Western Australia] with its pink delicate pom-pom flowers, and poisonous / imported cerise-petalled “Calypso” Oleander. As it happened, on the day of laredo 009, 14 October 2023, there was “…a national referendum here on systemic aboriginal presence in governance..." 
Stephen Jenkinson, The Lost Letter: Orphan Wisdom, e-newsletter, 2 November 2023


So, what about the 8 spaces, incorporated with tape, into the singular hula hoop? Well, they felt aesthetically logical, provided tonal contrast for photographing / documenting the intervention, and also reminded me of the Buddhist method for attaining the end of suffering via the Noble Eightfold Path.

laredo 009’s statement gives another, more lyrical, interpretation.

Intervention images: laredo 009

Intervention statement: laredo 009