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(partial view of intervention) E: 70 metal wine bottle caps 2.8cm x 1.8cm diameter, spaced +/- evenly in a sinuous line approximately 1500cm in length, laredo 008, footpath in Irwin Reserve / Bunbury 2023


Hiking the fluid path along the crest of the Irwin Reserve – with its panoramic views – reminds me of the title of one of Bob Dylan’s songs from ’67, “All Along The Watchtower.” Now too, as it was back then, there’s a seemingly endless war. But as Jimi Hendrix observed, "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." By being elevated on this path, I’m psychically elated, yet always keeping watch of the peripheral landscape, above and beyond.


For laredo 008, it seems natural to honour the Reserve’s path by temporarily marking several metres along its length in the form of multiple, +/- evenly spaced, cylinders which are aqua – Latin for ‘water’ – and, by design, match the colour of the external cylindrical pipes at Aqwest’s adjacent site where aquifer water becomes purified.


Intervention images: laredo 008

Intervention statement: laredo 008