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(detail with artist's foot on sandstone perimeter wall) white Schmincke pastel; diagonal line 475cm; site footprint 400 x 250cm; view; laredo 007, back yard patio/ Bunbury 2023


“There’s no place like home,” says Dorothy - in The Wizard of Oz – and laredo 007 certainly verified this by taking place at my villa-esque home on the russet brick patio.


The site’s attraction came about quite unexpectedly by perceiving the dimensions of the floorplan, the patio, along with the brick pavers, had +/- the same ratio as the golden rectangle. I discovered a correlation like this had a term: apophenia, meaning “the human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns within random data.”* And so, I affirmed “peace + blessings” to the unknown yet astute architect of this 47-year-old scene in Oz where I happen to live.

* Patina Lee, The Importance of Golden Ratio in Contemporary Architecture



Intervention images: laredo 007
Intervention statement: laredo 007