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laredo 006 partial view (NW); twenty-one lengths of white recycled cotton rag strips; each 240cm x 3cm; laredo 006, handrail on a staircase / Upper Esplanade, Bunbury 2023


Many times over the past 3 years, COOL (Paul, Chief of Operations for laredo) and I have walked along the Upper Esplanade in Bunbury / Western Australia - mainly for its elevated view of an unvarying horizontal line that lies between the sky and the ever-variational Indian Ocean. Part way along the path, there’s a curving staircase: a convenient shortcut to the beach.


The staircase is rustic, coarsely made of pine logs and planks, and literally so grounded that it always invites a fleet-footed passage along its length. I’m not sure why this happens, but maybe by contrast we remember our bodies are, after all, atomic light.

In retrospect, it seems inevitable - as a kind of a gift-wrapped present in return - for laredo 006 to intervene for an hour, so the site itself could experience something like lightness, spontaneous vitality, and temporality.



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