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"Whenever you look at light, basically it's just air. It has no tactileness to it. It's totally without density."

Robert Irwin, untitled (dawn to dusk), 2016, permanent collection, the Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas, photo by Alex Marks © 2020 Robert Irwin / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


"To be an artist is not a matter of making paintings or objects at all. What we are really dealing with is our state of consciousness and the shape of our perceptions."

Robert Irwin, Two Running Violet V Forms 1983, University of California San Diego, two fencelike structures in V-forms amidst eucalptus trees, blue-violet, plastic-coated, small gauge chain-link fencing supported by stainless steel poles, approx. 25' / 7.62m height, Stuart Collection



para 1: via Los Angeles Times 2010 A flowering of activity for Robert Irwin, 81

para 2: via Art Forum International 1977 Robert Irwin's recent work [The State of the Real. Part I, Jan Butterfield, Arts Magazine, Sunnier 1972, page 48]


current exhibition: Light & Space, Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen, 3 December - 4 September 2022