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Amarie Bergman, installation view of Luxelles with 3 of 4 components; 12-26 March 2022, PS Art Space, Fremantle; image courtesy of the artist 



The brilliance of light mesmerises! In PS Art Space's upstairs gallery, the light is almost irresistible. Linked with the unique, historical architecture, it has an ambient evanescence that was recently, ever so temporarily, accentuated by the presence of Luxelles.


The three weeks when this site-specific and conceptually experimental exhibition existed - including 3 days to install the work - happened to be during the 3rd (+) decade of climate change neglect, the 3rd year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the 3rd week of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Dark /uncertain /troubling times… but really they're not without the perpetual presence of clear ideals, active altruism, and innumerable glimmers of hope.

By conceiving enlightenment through fragile objects, Luxelles became a phenomenological agent of refinement.



12-26 March 2022

for photos (by Susie Blatchford of Pixel Poetry): glide over to this link
for exhibition statement + detailed floor list: click here 

Special appreciation to Paul MacGillivary, Mat Carey, and Guilhem Thérond



PS Art Space 

22-26 Pakenham Street
Fremantle AU 6160