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“Pattern finding is the purpose of the mind and the construct of the universe. There are an infinite number of patterns, some of which are known; those still unknown hold the key to unresolved enigmas and paradoxes.”

Aerial view: Agnes Denes, Wheatfield - A confrontation, Battery Park Landfill, Downtown Manhattan 1982 Courtesy the artist

"...For the first time in human history, the whole earth is becoming one interdependent society with our interests, needs and problems intertwined and interfering. The threads of existence have become so tightly interwoven that one pull in any direction can distort the whole fabric, affecting millions of threads. A new type of analytical attitude is called for, a clear overview or summing up, in which essences carry pure meaning and all things can be considered once more simultaneously..."

Installation view: Agnes Denes, Absolutes and Intermediates: The Shed, New York 2019, photo Dan Bradica, courtesy The Shed

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current land art: Expanding the Atlas, Nevada Museum of Art, Nevada 26 June 2021 - 02 January 2022

Agnes Denes: website