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104 white quartz stones; each approximately 30cm x 25cm x 30cm; golden rectangle footprint +/- 300cm x 485cm; laredo 003, GWN7 ex-studio / back parking lot, Bunbury 2021; image by Paul MacGillivary

laredo 003 took place at a vacant TV studio’s back parking lot on 26 May 2021. I realised, only after I saw the photos, that this latest intervention was related to A Simple Box geometric floorwork [Une Valse Lente, Abstract Project, Paris 2018] which also used small white components spaced +/- precisely at intervals. In that case, for 2 weeks, the edges of one plane of a cube were defined by adhesive paper strips on smooth rubber. With laredo 003, the asymmetrical white quartz stones - patterned as squares in a rectangular format atop nubbly pavement - united for one hour to become a much more expansive intermediary between earth + sky, between concept + memory, between then + now.


Intervention images: laredo 003

Intervention statement: laredo 003