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two white powder-coated steel rods; each 200cm in length x 1.5cm diameter; footprint: 200cm x 45cm; southwest view; laredo 002, Back Beach Salt Baths: Indian Ocean / Bunbury 2021; image by Paul MacGillivary

Since my enticing preview of laredo 002 last September, this intervention happened (!) on 15 March 2021. Its documentation has just been completed.


Images: laredo 002

Intervention statement: laredo 002

laredo 002 took place at the abandoned 1930s Back Beach Salt Baths. The location may be remembered as "a great folly" by long-term residents of the regional town of Bunbury / Geographe Bay on the Indian Ocean, but - as a relative newcomer to the area - I revel in its potential as a magical site for temporary art.