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Perfect Lie, exhibition/intervention at Factory 49 Paris, Amarie Bergman, front view, black suspended fabrication 170cm wide and white laser-cut circle 90cm diameter 2021; image by Amarie Bergman and Jacek Przybyszewski


Perfect Lie at Factory 49 Paris has the idiosyncratic mix which I’ve been exploring for a number of years. In this instance, I set extreme limits with two separate objects: an opaque white 2D laser-cut circle, sited on the surface of the front window, and a 3D black oval, suspended within the gallery.


“... what do all the objects in the world have in common if not the fact of being - and of being nothing but - the provisional permanence of certain changes.”


For the catalogue, including the above quote by Jacques Rombaud, glide over to this link.

AND for the video (generously filmed by Cheng Feng Kevin Yu), click here.

Utmost appreciation to Jacek Przybyszewski for his ingenuity and for making this project possible. A special thank you to Jan Przybyszewski for his French translation of the catalogue text. And, much gratitude, as always, to Pamela Aitken, director of Factory 49 – Paris + Sydney.


Factory 49 Paris

10 bis rue de Chaligny, 75012 FR

31 December 2020 - 10 January 2021