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Thin Air, my new design company, materialised! Probably its first breath happened the moment I noticed the possibilities of Das T-Shirt Automat – a super-mod ‘take-away’ print shop – in Prahran, a much-frequented inner-city locus when I lived in Melbourne. Fast forward >> happily, Sue Croke at Das accepted a suite from my portfolio this month;  translating / co-creating it into wearable / portable art.


Thin Air is not my first business; there’s quite an interval from a past one: Mirthwerks (Vancouver, Canada). Between 2006-2008 as co-founder and principal designer, I generated advertising / marketing concepts along with seasonal collections of graphic designs, printed on paper greeting cards in short runs by Infigo Imaging, which retailed at Chapters / Indigo and the Vancouver Art Gallery’s store.

Since 2009, my focus has included writing reviews for Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art but, above all, conceiving / presenting reductive, dimensionally real objects as interventions / exhibitions in galleries. My art practice will continue while Thin Air promises to be a phase identified through its strategic placement with merchandisers and (she said modestly) by the constant clarity of minimalism.