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Salon de los Abencerrajes, Alhambra, Granada: Vaughan Williams


Be enticed to read one of these three random choices from Paola Ricci's web-log Taste Archeologist:


Spain / Poetry of Different Styles
"Large natural spaces, or palaces of Spanish places and cities, are induced to be envelopes of something that expands or reflections of something else that is not immediately possible to grasp as real and concrete..."



The Space Revealed I.1

"Traveling, a "discipline" is accomplished, which is called moving the body from one place to another without knowing what you will see and how you will observe it..."


The Mirrored Architecture / Jean Nouvel - Zaha Hadid
"...They are anthropomorphic or cocoon forms that generate life in front of the perforated and luminescent wall of Nouvel's..."