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Anna, Anne, Bogumila and Amarie - with far left glimpse of Jacques - at Christine Boiry's studio/home
08 September 2019; image by Christine Boiry

The  most enjoyable Saturday evening spent in Paris this last time was in the studio/home of Christine Boiry, la colouriste superbe. Arriving very late from a myriad of gallery duties for Une Valse Lente at Abstract Project, after crossing the city by Metro, Paul and I immediately felt happy to be in the company of not only some of my favourite artists and their wives,* but Christina’s fine work on the walls and her extravagant table of delishments/delights too. The conversations were vivid until the very last farewell.


* Pam Aitken, Jacek Przybyszewski, Bogumila Strojna, Anna and Richard van der Aa, Anne and Jacques Weyer