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A Slow Waltz, exhibition in Middle Gallery at Sawtooth ARI, Launceston, Amarie Bergman, partial installation view. (left to right) Box Step no.1: acrylic on linen 30 x 51cm 2018; Metallic Dot: (almost invisible) tin, plastic, fabricated laser-cut acrylic 1.9cm diameter 2018; Cosmic Bodies no.1: Tasmanian oak (1.9cm diameter rod), paper, wire, synthetic fabric, metal attachments, micro-wire; 48 x 120cm 2018 (work by Philippe Vranjes on the right in the next gallery space); image by Mel de Ruyter 2018


Everything about A Slow Waltz at Sawtooth was like a dance with a most engaging partner. From the prelim arrangements smoothly coordinated by the gallery’s new director, Liam James; the quick set-up with Mat Carey; the presence of co-installation artists, Francesca Heinz and Philippe Vranjes, and being introduced to their work; right down the line to the friendly, high-spirited crowd on opening night: gee, it was +/- perfect. For this exhibition - and its counterpart, La Valse Lente at Abstract Project in Paris - the imagined melded with the real.


The opening took place on Friday 7 December 2018; the exhibition continued until 28 December.


Sawtooth Artist Run Initiative (ARI)

Liam James, Director

Level 1, 160 Cimitiere Street, Launceston 7250