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Dittico Blanco e Crema, Amarie Bergman: balsa wood, acrylic paint and soap 15cm diameter x 8cm high; 4.4cm diameter x 2.2cm high 2017-2018


"Something unexpected happens when a flat field wraps around two circles of parallel planes to create a cylinder; it appears to simultaneously curve and straighten in a sensation of endlessness. The twin planes accentuate this quality through the continuity of their boundaries. Bergman presents a pair of cylindrical forms having similar proportions but different scales and degrees of precision. Made from contrasting materials, balsa wood and soap, their tints pay homage to the monochromatic works by Richard van der Aa and Ettore Spalletti."


How pleased I am to be presenting this two-part work in Abstraction Twenty Eighteen at Langford 120. The show, curated/organised by Pam Aitken, Lisa Sharp, Irene Barberis, Wilma Tabacco and Stephen Wickham, in conjunction with four other curated exhibitions taking place across Melbourne that were all initiated and timed by Stephen to coincide with The Field Revisited at the National Gallery of Victoria.


The opening is on Sunday, 29 April from 2 - 4 pm at 120 Langford Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051.