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Perlustrata no. 1, Amarie Bergman: softwall 183cmH x 30.5cmD, approximate footprint 425cmL x 130cmW 2018
molo designed softwall supplied by Seeho Su, Surrey Hills, Sydney

Quite surprisingly, I was invited by Martina Copley to present an exhibition project at BLINDSIDE, a rather prominent artist-run initiative in Melbourne. Saying yes meant exhilaration and a short lead-time: less than 4 weeks to prepare. My primary concern was locating a source of molo softwall but Joyce Seeho, at Seeho Su / Sydney, cordially said, "yes, I can loan you a pre-loved one." The available softwall’s height was only 183cm, although this meant it could remain vertically free-standing without hidden stabilizers as well as be easy to manoeuvre into the desired placement. The plan went as smoothly in practice as it sounded in theory: the entire process, with Paul MacGillivary as my ‘volunteer assistant,’ took five minutes from start to finish.


On a clear, full moon-graced evening, Perlustrata no. 1 opened on 29 March at BLINDSIDE alongside The Lunatic by Henry Trumble. Both exhibition projects continue until 14 April 2018; gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 12-6pm.



Two excerpts from the room sheet:

H Perlustrata no. 1, a translucent, snow-white textile configures a pleated line in a phenomenological intervention of geometric simplicity. The line takes the form of a three-dimensional double curve within BLINDSIDE Gallery Two, which redefines its architectural space.


This is the first work in a series of reductive objects having a poise, not unlike the stillness between two thoughts. It tangentially honours the 920th anniversary of the birth of Hildegard von Bingen, a visionary saint who always seemed to be perlustrata – shining with light.