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Amarie Bergman, Cocoon #1 2017 mixed media (including fragrance, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre) 2.3 x 5 x 2.3cm

An exciting, tangible connection for my work with Stockholm will happen very soon through another inventive initiative by Factory 49. This artist run centre, which I’m so proud to be associated with, will participate for the first time in Supermarket International Art Fair (SIAF), 23-26 March 2017. The theme is ‘intimacy.’

Organisational wizards, Lisa Sharp and Anya Pesce, flew to Sweden a few days ago from Sydney to set up the 10-person exhibition. They will ‘person’ the dedicated space and act as connective resources during the extravaganza.


Anya Pesce & Lisa Sharp (with a suitcase filled with art), image courtesy Factory 49 / Facebook 2017


The catalogue, edited by Lisa and designed by Annelies Jahn, includes documentation for their work, Anya's and mine (Cocoon #1, Cube #1 and Square #1), along with the six other Factory 49 artists exhibiting at SIAF: Pam Aitken, Ivana Jovanovic, Michelle Le Dain, Pamela Leung, Kate MacKay, Chris Packer.