Amarie Bergman, Aqua VoVo Factory 49 Paris Pop Up; photographed by André Smits 2016 Artist in The World project


Amarie Bergman formulates and makes reductive art. “She likes clean lines (most of the time) and dramatic space, merging design elements into a minimalist’s ethos to produce a graphic style of work.” MS


Born in Edmonton, northern Canada, Bergman has been exhibiting art since 1980. Her works are featured in corporate and private collections. Recent group exhibitions of reductive/non objective art include curated projects at AT Salon2 (Melbourne), Le Salon des Réalités Nouvelles (Paris) and Factory Art (Berlin). In the past seven years, seven solo shows have taken place: in Sydney at Sydney Non Objective (SNO), Quadrant Bearing, and at Factory 49, The Golden Eternity and H; in Paris at ParisCONCRET, C and The Rosy Crucifixion, and Factory 49 Paris Pop Up, Aqua VoVo; and in Melbourne at Five Walls Projects, Neo Violet.


Her artistic evolution was documented in an interview with Sand T. Kalloch on artSPACE.


She is a contributing writer for the New York based publication, Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art and lives/works in Melbourne.